Episode 34 – Mrs. Steak

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 34
Size: 61mb
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Summary: The lib-tard antics of Jill (Frankenstein) Stein, Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren and Angela (Mengele) Merkel are dissected, and promptly thrown in the trashcan. If these people want someone to crap on their face, that’s their issue, dirty Sanchez. Reddit has officially self-destructed from the inside, is www.voat.co a viable alternative for scouring the dungeons of citizen journalism? Detective “Chuck Columbo” always distracts his suspects during interview with anecdotes about his wife: “Mrs. Steak”. Why have we never met “Mrs. Steak”? Does she even exist? Steve (lied about being in the WTC during 9/11) Rannazzisi makes a futile attempt at changing his image and returning to stand-up comedy. The boys remind the masses that this man is worse than Hitler. There are rumors floating around the internet that: Steve Rannazzisi actually might have something to DO with the attacks on September 11th 2001. Don’t be a “Nelly”, listen to Chuck’s Take LIVE every Sunday night at 9:00 PM EST, exclusively on PodTrash.

Episode 08 – Wheel Of Obscenity

C U Next Tuesday
Episode: 08
Size: 91mb
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Summary: Our very own DiZzy Chrissy delves into the world of international swearing. She notes the difference between Ontario and Quebeqois swearing and the history of why they mean different things to their originators. She also touches on “VA Fungoo” Italian swearing with a little knob of British bullocks to top things off. Chrissy and Robin also compete in Jon the magic guys wheel of obscenity . Thanks for tuning in Muthafuckas. CUNEXTTUESDAY.

Episode 25 – This again?

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 25
Duration: 152:12
Size: 146mb
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Summary: Holocaust returns to another week of drama, Boon is mad at jvoit again, Andy needs more help with computers, we setup the return of his HP laptop that is from the past. We then setup office on his Toshiba and discuss how much jvoit hates computers as the holocaust runs 2.5hrs this week.

Episode 21 – Pedesta

What Is This
Episode: 21
Duration: 179:54
Size: 173mb
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Summary: Discussions about the random Wush & Boon from last week, incarceration on Thanksgiving story and how addiction led to Podtrash, The Rock is in incredibly successful meathead, all religions start out great until some asshole gets ahold of them, Podtrash is really just a religious cult started by Wush and the new t-shirts for sale are just religious garb, Danny From LA requests the shirts be sold in “walrus size”, what does it take to get some Boon’s Farm guy, does back hair make you a man or is it to catch all the gay cum, who would Static most like to shit next to for 24 hours, conversations with Uber/Lyft drivers, whose child will start the 2nd generation of Podtrash radio, Kids React to Metallica, Pittsburgh Pete stalking Robyn on Twitter and Joey Boots calls in to talk about beating the shit out of Pete, Chucksteak and the Comet Pizza conspiracy, Joe Biden wants to fuck little girls because YouTube says so.

Episode 99 – Eating Figs is Gay

The Joey Boots Show
Episode: 99
Duration: 107:57
Size: 103mb
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Summary: After a week off the guys are back discussing their Thanksgivings the day before – Chad is not so under-cover gay – Is Peppermint Patty a boy or a girl – Gonzo back with his girl – callers hate Chad – Max defends his love of gay people – podtrash cuckhold fantasy – Joey has gay phone sex with Chad – black guys with huge penises can’t get or keep a full hard-on – and much more.

Episode 162 – Political Boner

Episode: 162
Duration: 289:04
Size: 277mb
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Summary: The BONE YARD oooooh yeah! Boners aplenty in this epic rigamarole of cocks jackin’ and balls a’ smackin. Then John Booney calls in and it becomes a political extravaganza.

Episode 161 – Thanksgiving Special

Episode: 161
Duration: 155:31
Size: 110mb
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Summary: Join Maxxxwell, Chad and Zach as they give thanks and celebrate the holidays.

Episode 24 – Do you wanna buy a headset?

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 24
Duration: 132:26
Size: 128mb
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Summary: Holocaust returns after a week of drama caused by uploading recordings of broadcasts on Pod Trash that one person doesn’t approve of. Joey Boots calls in and we talk about headsets briefly and RDV pops in to give us an Australia weather report. Andy talks about eating something spicy on the back end, missed calls and technical issues are experienced throughout the show as it plagues everyone and everything connected to this network, we end the show a little after the 2 hr mark.

Episode 33 – Chucksteak’s Plantation

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 33
Size: 63mb
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Summary: The boys start things off by yelling at each other like two drunken homeless men in a subway system. After almost an hour of arguing, they fail to see eye to eye and absolutely nothing of value is gained. *skip to 43:00 if you need to tap out, I only lasted 15 minutes* Mainly out of exhaustion they get back to the roots of the show with a discussion about the whereabouts or fate of Julian Assange. Seriously though, where the fuck is this guy? It would take him five minutes to share a simple proof of life video. Chucksteak thinks that the globalist elites suffer from some type of brain disorder because of their strict cannibal diet. Booney thinks we are living in a technological hologram. Are all of these crazy events of 2016 a massive troll on us peasants? They wrap things after slurred speech is detected. It’s usually a good indication to get off the air.

Episode 19 – Duct Taped Butt Cheeks

The Eh Team
Episode: 19
Size: 80mb
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Summary: Robyn and Jon were back with another show filled with technical hiccups. But when we got rolling, the fun began. Discussion included, our shitty weeks, upcoming vacations, and Matilda the musical. Static called in with some BDSM stories including how he duct taped a butt plug up his ex’s ass. The mighty Quinn called in to give her 2 cents, as she used to be into the BDSM scene. The show finished with hilarious sex talk.