Episode 20 – Happy HalloWeenie

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 20
Duration: 69:38
Size: 59mb
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Summary: Technical Halloween, discussions about the scariest things that has happened to us, jvoit had a seance go wrong once, Andy has sleep paralysis in some form. And almost scores with a ghost in a gas station bathroom. Andy acussess Harambe of being a pedo, Andy wants to know if jvoit’s sister talks about him at all, the answer is no. Andy is voting Hillary, jvoit is still undecided. Charles Steak calls in to tell his scary story. We end at 1hr 9mins this week due to tiredness

Episode 19 – Minekampf

What Is This
Episode: 19
Duration: 140:23
Size: 135mb
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Summary: Wush rides solo because Static is at a hippie ass “Devotchka” concert, WEINER documentary on Showtime and latest news reveals Anthony Weiner sexting a 15 year old girl could effect Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Donald Trump roasting Hillary Clinton at charity dinner, major voter fraud during audits being completely ignored, Artie Lange on Opie Radio and Howard shutting down the hallways of Sirius when he enters the building, Glenn’s death on The Walking Dead is brutal as hell, Static calls in from the Devotchka concert, Sex “Experts” on The EH Team and Robyn trying to stick a finger in Wush’s asshole, Wush and Robyn talk about playing Minecraft and banning her son’s friend from the game, a drunken call from PatK who has to blow into his car to drive.

Episode 96 – Annoying Caller

The Joey Boots Show
Episode: 96
Duration: 157:45
Size: 151mb
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Summary: Chad is welcomed as the new co-co-host – Lots of goofing on Chad – Joey is sober – the guys talk soul food – Joey reviews the film Sully – Annoying caller – Jose from Chicago calls in and goes back and forth with his doppleganger, Gonzo – none of the fans seem to like Chad.

Episode 156 – Boner Battle

Episode: 156
Duration: 124:15
Size: 119mb
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Summary: Chad traps an Afghani boy in a dungeon and pokes him with his boner until he cries. Max is furious and yells loudly at Chad. A heated debate about the moral consequence of Chad bullying this boy with his schvonce breaks out. Chad goes Super Sayan and performs an epic boner smash on Max’s forehead. Max says “you think you’re gonna put your balls on my chin, but you’re not” and yanks his pants down and begins spinning 360 degrees until he takes flight like a helicopter and dick slaps Chad’s head off his neck. Chad’s fatal wounds are attrocious. Zach laughs at how un-pretty both penises were and struts off like a champion forever known as the man with the prettiest penis.

Episode 29 – Braggadocio

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 29
Size: 69mb
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Summary: There were some pretty cringe Jack Nicholson impressions right off the bat, but hey guys…imagine if Jack Nicholson handled the iron curtain as well as Reagan; “Nurse Ratched…Tear down this wall”. Am I right or am I right!?…Guys?…*CLEARS THROAT*…John Booney “bumps” his microphone in a drunken stupor then proceeds to obsess over it leading to a bizarre ‘chant’ that ignites a subsequent derailment of the show. The boys do their best to recover though. They always put their differences aside and get down to brass tacks after a squabble or some horse play. Chuck is a great arbiter in that light. He always squashes a squabble by going outside for “half a smoke”, looks upward at the stars and thinks to himself; “What a wonderful FLAT world.” Seriously though folks…the world IS flat…Google it dude. We were joined by friends of the show as always. Also…it’s been proven by four out of five “Sex Doctors” that you’ll get more “prooshey” by listening to Chuck’s Take LIVE every Sunday night at 9:00 PM EST!

Episode 15 – The Quest For Butt

The Eh Team
Episode: 15
Size: 108mb
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Summary: Robyn and Jon host an all ass play special. A special interview with YouTube sexperts Conor and Brittany. They gave an in depth analysis on the steps robyn needs to take to get all up in wush’s ass. A great interview. We take calls from wrestling Brett. RDV. And Quinn calls in with some frank discussion about sex and her wrestling podcast. Wush took the tip of Robyn’s finger. So… success.

Episode 05 – Halloweenie

C U Next Tuesday
Episode: 05
Size: 78mb
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Summary: CUNEXTTUESDAY host Chrissy talks more specifically about the origins of Halloween and some of the history, myths and mysteries about It, while sharing her personal stories on what it was like to work on a Real Hollywood Scary Movie called “Hello Mary Lou, Promise Night Two. A sequel to the Haunting of Hamilton High! Look them up on IMDB. CUNEXTTUESDAY.

Episode 19 – Andy Needs Professional Help

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 19
Duration: 157:05
Size: 139mb
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Summary: Jvoit spends another week tending to Andy’s computers, will all be well or will it fail completely?
Enjoy 2hrs of true technical support.

Episode 18 – Inside Jobber

What Is This
Episode: 18
Duration: 171:24
Size: 165mb
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Summary: Static back from his trip to San Fransisco, Ninja Turtles and Mario themed AirBnbs for $30 a night, annoying tourist traps, hippies who hike for 6 months through Appalachian Trail, memberrrr horrible 90s music?!, Artie Lange speaks out about Howard on Opie Radio, major hack effects sites like Twitter and PayPal, talk about the Johnny Knoxville interview, Are You A Hipster test, the Final Presidential Debate review, South Park commentary on internet trolls, street drugs versus pharmaceutical drugs, the Denver Airport and more Presidential debate talk with Chucksteak, 9/11 was an inside jobber, Chucksteak is confused by an iPhone.

Episode 155 – Who Knows

Episode: 155
Duration: 148:07
Size: 142mb
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Summary: What happened? Nobody knows! The most mysterious show on Podtrash!