Episode 25 – From April 26th

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 25
Size: 98mb
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Summary: Furkey, surkey, shmoak-shteek right in the purshey, she give you eveyding you want…rong time. Will Gennifer Flowers spread ham-clam live during the presidential debates? Chucksteak thinks a common AM radio error repeating (in loop) “from April 26th”, is actually an elaborate message hashed out by the lizard people. He translates the radio clip as saying: “Trump will go 26”. Drama ensues when Chuck finds out that Boon has been selling AD placements on his show in the form of ‘Celebrity Apps’. Pull your dick out for Harambe now, real quick, it doesn’t take much effort, just do it as a symbolic gesture. We take calls from a few friends of the show and nothing of value was gained. Don’t give Rip Torn LSD and a hammer at the same time.

Episode 16 – F This Noise

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 16
Duration: 117:48
Size: 103mb
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Summary: The Technical Holocaust is off Koalasan and direct via Shoutcast 1 , apparently I need a shout cast 2 compatible piece of software to update the now playing and display contact info. Andy and Jvoit will try to figure that out before next week. Also Andy got a Skype # but need to stop using his phone in order to be able to add callers to the show. Work for Jvoit is making him crazy and depressed. Andy hopes to move in with with his cohost and pay only $200 per month, Discussion of current debates is brief and equivalent to a couple 3rd graders tackling the subject. Andy gives some MAC-HINE voodoo a shot without much luck.

Episode 14 – Genius

What Is This
Episode: 14
Duration: 358:36
Size: 344mb
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Summary: Too tired. Fuck you!

Episode 91 – Love Trice

The Joey Boots Show
Episode: 91
Duration: 83:19
Size: 79mb
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Summary: A guy calls in who is high on drugs and alcohol, ​High Pitch Calls in with a terrible phone connection, Chad performs a live rendition of “Werewolves of London”, the guys call in and discuss High Pitch’s #LoveTrice, Joey ends the show early due to technical difficulties.

Episode 01 – Menopausal Maniac

C U Next Tuesday
Episode: 01
Size: 130mb
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Summary: Crazy Chrissy debuts her new show on podtrash. She is joined by JTMG with calls from Wush and Robyn. Topics varied from what Chrissy wants to accomplish at podtrash. Her vocal training and how she managed to forget all that training. Her views on the upcoming American election. And her love of the wacky tobacky.

Episode 10 – Candy

The Eh Team
Episode: 10
Size: 129mb
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Summary: Despite technical and volume issues on Jon’s behalf… Another fun show from the Canadian duo. Topics ranged from Robyn and Wush’s iPhone issues to how to become a phone sex operator. RDV calls and questions the merit of the new iPhones.

Episode 148 – WHAT

Episode: 148
Duration: 159:01
Size: 152mb
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Summary: Someone write a synopsis…. PALLLLEEEEAAAAAAAZE

Episode 15 – HooRay the gang is here

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 15
Duration: 247:24
Size: 237mb
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Summary: Andy is 3 seconds late for the show start, forgets his wifi setting again! Dating styles are discussed, Andy sure knows how to treat a lady! Andy tells another girl about PodTrash and she stops talking to him? WTF? Joey Boots calls in. Skype contact issues prevent our first attempt but we finally connect. We talk about the life and times of being a Joey Boots, free speech rights and how to fix the World! Billy Bob calls in to give his view on things and Andy Cruz ducks out early as the Holocaust runs 4 hours this week.

Episode 24 – Jeez Oh Man

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 24
Size: 75mb
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Summary: What a triumphant return! Many friends of the show call in to remind Chucksteak how “yuuuge” he is. Let’s tackle the 2016 presidential election folks: “Lock her up!, Lock her up!”. PodTrash has the best conspiracy themed radio shows, don’t we folks? Jeez oh man, it looks like Boon might get fired because the Patriots stuffed the Dolphins into a trashcan with a 3rd string quarterback. Do you want to tackle Kaepernick?..more like: Kaeper’Dick’…ammirightgoise? Hillary Clinton gets a big smooch on the cheek from the grand dragon of the KKK. Should Chucksteak get on camera folks? If you say ‘yes’ then you should pressure him to do so. CT show needs the sound clip of Chad saying “Go cuck a sucked cock.” Bretty sure that steel beams can’t melt jet fuel. Jeez oh man, wew lads, don’t worry…Chuck & Boon will “NEVER…EVER…NEVER…EVER..NEVER…ect.”

Episode 13 – The Day The Music Died

What Is This
Episode: 13
Duration: 115:51
Size: 111mb
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Summary: Static plays mediator between Wush & Boon, people call in and weigh in on the controversy, what is going on with CMZ? how long does it take you to cum? Wush and Robyn go to a sex shop, the craziest thing a woman has demanded sexually, seeing porno and your dad’s wang for the first time.