Episode 12 – Same Scheisse New Day

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 12
Duration: 113:21
Size: 103mb
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Summary: Jvoit goes on rant against the man,jdummy joins the boys for tech and fighting talk,Andy scores hot chick #,jvoit upset at wush, Andy wants to be Mr voitek 2, and finally some blast from the past music from a fallen friend!

DummySan – Episode 16

Episode: 16
Duration: 5:43
Size: 5mb

Summary: JDummy hops on for a lead in to CMZ, Thursday’s at 8pm eastern. Comments on last week’s Podtrash.com infighting and is interrupted by his wife pulling into the garage

Episode 10 – Amazon

What Is This
Episode: 10
Duration: 180:11
Size: 173mb
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Summary: Firetalk trolling and rise of the plebs, Booney’s Feelscast, the stresses of a relationship, growing up in a shitty neighborhood, someone tries to troll Wush by patching in an Amazon customer service woman and it actually becomes a 25 minute prank call of epic proportions that almost ends in marriage, Jdummy is flying high on Xannys/Pins/Vodker/Weed and decides to prank Dominos pizza and swaps drug stories, Larry King Now interviews are strange, talking Kanye West and Donald Trump with Matt Denton, StaticIllmatic calls in to discuss his absence and talk about VICE Black Market, Joey Boots talks NY transportation and how to get free parking, possibly a show with Matt Denton and Static to fill in for Chuck’s Take this week.

Episode 143 – Dunno

Episode: 143
Duration: 130:48
Size: 126mb
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Summary: What happened? Only the shadow knows….

Episode 88 – Verified

The Joey Boots Show
Episode: 88
Duration: 182:48
Size: 176mb
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Summary: Joey and Gonzo discuss Joey recently getting verified on Twitter. Joey and High Pitch Erik talk about going to visit Gonzo in San Francisco and Sacramento. Joey’s friend Doctor Norman Green calls in and discusses directing films, meditation, Tupac’s mom, and Tupac Resurrection. Ryan Lever tries, unsuccessfully, to get on air. Caller from last week wants to shit down Joey’s throat again. Ikea wants to hire Erik and Joey to sponsor their futons. High Pitch calls in during the final hour to co-host.

Episode 06 – Pro Canada

The Eh Team
Episode: 06
Size: 104mb
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Summary: Jon and Robyn expound on their love of their country. They are joined by Jon’s sister Chrissy and her many voices. Billy Bob and Tony Danza called in to perv on her. Joke was on them though, as Chrissy can hold her own when it comes to being a perv. A fun show all around.

Episode 11

Technical Holocaust
Episode: 11
Duration: 125:00
Size: 131mb
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Summary: Jeffrey Voitek the IT Guy and Andy Cruz the Uber Driver do a show together of technical misproportions.

Episode 04 – Uncle

The Farmer Ben Show
Episode: 04
Size: 59mb

Summary: Farmer Ben is back after a 2 week hiatus and talks death. Dead family members, dying family members, and suicide. A sad but true episode.

Episode 22 – Ya Fiyad

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 22
Size: 75mb
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Summary: Did JFK think Hitler did nothing wrong? George Soros and The Rothschild Connection, Chad is a big fat mess, Booney at his best friend’s wedding and he has black friends so he’s not racist, Power Plants creating floods or are all these 1000 year floods created by HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARP? Alex Jones on Piers Morgan, social media vs. mainstream media for the truth, Booney threatening to quit Chuck’s Take over Chuck’s issues with his punctuality, Greg Nibler conspiracy, should Booney do Wush & Boon again, Chuck “fires” Booney from Chuck’s Take.

Episode 09 – Born Wush

What Is This
Episode: 09
Duration: 187:36
Size: 180mb
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Summary: Wush explains his recent meltdown and defends broadcasting on Firetalk, Robyn meets Wush’s brother, Wush’s brother listens and calls in for the first time. Experiences with Xanax, DXM, and Nitrous? Booney calls in and expresses his feelings about Podtrash and combats with Firetalk viewers. What the fuck can you do with an IP address when Booney owns an AR-15 with no ammunition? Elisa Jordana refuses to come to Podtrash (silly decision). Obama vs Obama and a call from Kenny Powers (SauceOnSide) who talks about robotripping on the moon hitchbot style.