Episode 64 – RIP ETM

The Joey Boots Show
Episode: 64
Duration: 2:04:10
Size: 120mb
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Summary: Joey and Gonzo reminisce about the late Eric the Actor on his 41st birthday, Gonzo updates everyone on his “broken” foot, Maxwell argues with a caller who hates him for not being loyal to Joey, regular caller Skippy calls in 3 too many times, Joey scolds Gonzo and Maxwell for speaking over him, High Pitch calls in to update Joey on his recent “heart attack” as reported by TMZ.

Episode 113 – Misunderstandings

Episode: 113
Duration: 2:35:12
Size: 150mb
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Summary: John fills in for Chad, Chad wonders why John is here, SJ calls in to correct one of Zack’s frequent errors. Zach and Chad bicker. Hipster penis grooming tips. Chad and Zach exchange quips. Calls from Dran and Boon. Tan mom calls in from the airport. Zach and Chad fight. SJ calls in and drones on about pinball.

Episode 04 – Nancy Reagan

Chuck’s Take
Episode: 04
Size: 135mb

Summary: Chuck find’s out Nancy Reagan was a fan of the show. Forensic technology nabs the “Puby Killer” with a louse. Global collapse and Chuck’s anger over the sound quality of the show. “Gruse” the biker calls in and reminds Chuck and Boon on how soft they are.

Episode 95 – Pißwasser

Wush & Boon
Episode: 95
Duration: 2:07:59
Size: 123mb
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Summary: Guy punches a hole through a Monet painting, more tension between Wush & Boon, Wush thinks all alcohol tastes like piss, Vanilla Ice cringeworthy performance, Mentalist & Vape Shop worker calls in to read Boon’s mind, Netflix billionaire wants to replace teachers with computers.

Episode 63 – Taylor Chandler

The Joey Boots Show
Episode: 63
Duration: 1:56:38
Size: 112mb
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Summary: Ass Napkin Ed calls in drunk as a door knob, and discusses his dilemma of whether or not to fuck his porn star friend during his engagement. Michael Phelp’s ex-girlfriend Taylor Chandler calls in and dishes on her relationship with the Olympian, his impressive cock size and speaks to Michael (Low-Pitch) Jordan who calls in to talk to Taylor about the time they spent together. High Pitch Erik discusses his recent court happenings. And a bunch of other shitheads call in talking shit, as per usual.

Episode 19 – Vinyl

Spoiler Junkies
Episode: 19
Duration: 2:09:32
Size: 124mb
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Summary: Vinyl, Better Caul Saul, Walking Dead, Alexandra Breckenridge Message, Billions, People Vs. OJ, Horrace & Pete, Daredevil, House of cards 3/4, AMC’s “The Terror”, Fear The Walking Dead, Latest Movies, Game Of Thrones, Artie’s Latest Dillemna, More Vinyl Talk, Scorcese Style Filming, You Tube Red Channel, Dumb Generations, Ban The Internet for a day.

Episode 112 – Holy Man

Episode: 112
Duration: 2:38:52
Size: 70mb
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Summary: A very special show as Max, Zack, John, & Chad are joined by comedian Reverend Bob Levy!! He talks about comedy, the Stern show, & how he’s helping veterans.