Episode 01 – Robyn, Jdummy, SJ, Jon, RDV, Booney

Cards Against Humanity
Episode: 01
Size: 68mb

Summary: Robyn hosts a game of Cards Against Humanity. Tonight’s players were Robyn, Jdummy, SJ, Jon The Magic Guy, RDV, and Booney.

Step 21 – Potpourri

American Positivity
Episode: 21
Duration: 1:20:36
Size: 156mb

Summary: There isn’t a good description about the show due to Static’s inability to be able to accurately keep successful show notes. But the show may contain complaints about life feature Static. Graphic being able to logically express his opinion with ease. Politics, sports, technology and general debauchery were most likely discussed.

Episode 92 – Fight Club

Wush & Boon
Episode: 92
Duration: 1:57:34
Size: 113mb
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Summary: Chucksteak’s new show, Deadpool review, Guy being arrested pees on himself, Connor McGregor UFC Fighter with boner, High school fights, worst suburban towns, guys being friends with girls, Booney’s house on fire, taking some callers, Bill Cosby and gay GIFs interpreted, Chucksteak possibly backing out of his show already.

Episode 60 – The Intern

The Joey Boots Show
Episode: 60
Duration: 1:54:15
Size: 110mb
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Summary: Joey, Gonzo and High Pitch Erik interview Joe for a potential internship with the Joey Boots Show. High Pitch appears to get jealous and declines provide Joe with a permanent position until he can “prove himself” to the guys. Erik discusses his episode of Blue Bloods which aires tonight. Gonzo expresses concerns that the show has relied too heavily on discussions about the weather in recent weeks. Erik describes his perfect valentine’s date and much more!

Episode 109 – Cocks and Physics

Episode: 109
Duration: 1:17:26
Size: 70mb
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Summary: Return of the JMZ team. Things happen and stuff occurs.

Episode 91 – The Interview

Wush & Boon
Episode: 91
Duration: 2:24:20
Size: 139mb
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Summary: Preparing for James Franco call, James Franco calls in to wish Happy Birthday to Boon and gets interviewed instead, James Franco hangs up on Wush & Boon, taking some callers, wrapping up the show. Yes James Franco actually called into our show!

Step 20 – Sire’s Rejoinder

American Positivity
Episode: 20
Duration: 1:47:19
Size: 156mb

Summary: This show features both Static & Graphic partaking on more of their shares of adult beverages and starts off with Static slurring his words. More pro wrestling talk by Static as poor Graphic, and the audience, suffers with Static’s obsession with muscular, sweaty men grappling one another in a predetermined fashion. Lastly, Graphic’s father calls in to share his career with the audience, his travels, and some fun bonding time with his sweet baby boy, Graphic.

Episode 90 – Doritos Locos

Wush & Boon
Episode: 90
Duration: 2:14:40
Size: 130mb
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Summary: James Franco calling in, Wush’s dinner with Joey Boots and High Pitch Erik, weird ‘I’m Tough’ guy on YouTube, Booney on Reddit, Chucksteak as a producer, Weird Doritos flavors, Nazi themed restaurant in Indonesia, Twitter shutting down ISIS accounts, Matt Denton calls in to defend British Kit Kats, RDV is angry about the chat.

Episode 59 – The Dinner

The Joey Boots Show
Episode: 59
Duration: 2:06:16
Size: 122mb
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Summary: Joey recaps his dinner with Wush, Robyn and High Pitch. Joey discusses his new feud with his former producer Maxwell. Chuck from Boston calls in to defend himself over rumors that he spoke ill of Joey on a random voicemail. High Pitch Erik calls in and discusses the threatening voicemail he left for Gonzo after promising to end his violent ways and discusses John Stamos’ recent $300 purchase he made for Erik’s Beats By Dre headphones.

Episode 18 – I See OJ

Spoiler Junkies
Episode: 18
Duration: 2:08:44
Size: 124mb
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Summary: The People vs. OJ Simpson, Bobby Durst, Into The Badlands, Billions, Crouching Tiger on Netflix, The Knick Season 3, Black Sails, Spartacus, Louis C.K. just launched a new show out of nowhere called ‘Horace and Pete’, Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of National Lampoon, The Circus: inside the greatest political show on earth, Vice: Fighting ISIS, Marco Polo SE2, Sean penn plays Andrew jackson in HBO series “American lion”, The prophet, Blood in Blood out, City of God, Batman vs superman?, Dream Thater epic concept double album, The hateful eight, Star Wars, Vinyl 2/14, House of Cards, 11.22.63 2/16 on Hulu, The Get Down.