Episode 89 – Rabies

Wush & Boon
Episode: 89
Duration: 2:25:22
Size: 140mb
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Summary: Martin Shkreli threatens Ghostface Killah, Wush back in Canada staying in a nice loft, the difference between Chuck and Boon, controversy over Danny playing news reporter, Tyra Banks fake rabies prank, Wush to meet Joey Boots for dinner, Chuck calls to discuss his life.

Step 19 – The Deadly Problem of Forgetfulness

American Positivity
Episode: 19
Duration: 1:39:47
Size: 163mb

Summary: Static’s lazy ass forgot to upload the show in a timely manner and no show description besides Static complaining about something, Graphic laughing at him and random-callers changing the show’s subjects.

Episode 58 – Too Mellow

The Joey Boots Show
Episode: 58
Duration: 1:55:17
Size: 112mb
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Summary: High Pitch Erik calls in before going to a charitable ‘all you can eat’ sushi buffet to weigh in on the Elephant Boy drama. Joey and Gonzo eulogize beloved former caller, Ruffy Pup, who may or may not be dead. Joey is accused of being ‘too mellow’ during the episode. Joey revealed he served 18 months of hard-time as a youth.

Episode 107 – Elephant Boy

Episode: 107
Duration: 1:17:26
Size: 70mb
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Summary: After the recent TMZ article, the JMZ crew speaks with Elephant Boy after he sent High Pitch Eric to jail for threatening his life. Later High Pitch calls in to tell his side of the story.

Step 18 – The Walking Dreamboat

American Positivity
Episode: 18
Duration: 1:31:06
Size: 150mb

Summary: Playoff Football is among us and both Graphic as well as Static could care less. The gentlemen touch on a variety of topics that range from the lack of accessibility to high-speed broadband for 30 million+ Americans, Pranksters that dress as “terrorists” and throw fake bombs at people, Static getting ripped of by Amazon when he was going to indeed rip them off first, the possible cure for pedophilia may be sex dolls that are made as images/replicas of children, Graphic running the show from his sooped-up Windows Machine and his new microphone. Lastly, Graphic revisits Static’s story about a woman who washed his hands immediately after he took a massive shit

Episode 88 – Self Congratulatory

Wush & Boon
Episode: 88
Duration: 2:37:03
Size: 151mb
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Summary: Wush back home with a new setup, some horrible Skype technical difficulties, update on James Franco call, Chuck from Boston, Accents and why people lose them, Wush and Boon congratulating themselves, Chuck calls to give his opinions on the show and offers to be the new producer.

Episode 57 – Hi Pitch Arrested

The Joey Boots Show
Episode: 57
Duration: 1:36:21
Size: 93mb
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Summary: Joey and Gonzo catch up with High Pitch Erik to discuss his arrest for threatening to ‘break’ Fred the Elephant Boy’s face. The boys take calls and discuss a plethora of topics, including the upcoming #Blizzard2016

Episode 106 – No BS

Episode: 106
Duration: 2:41:51
Size: 148mb
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Summary: Max explodes on the recent negative presence surrounding Podtrash. Tensions are high as Jon decides to leave the show due to comments made by his cohosts.

Episode 17 – Making The Cut

Spoiler Junkies
Episode: 17
Duration: 2:13:04
Size: 122mb
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Summary: This week we discuss Ricky Gervais on Mel Gibson, Wush’s setup, The Emmys, Booney calls to share what he’s watching, Netflix Series, Sicario, Traffic, Cartel Land, Star Wars and how hot Carrie Fisher used to be, old 70’s TV hotties, TV series – The Knick, Homeland, special make up artists, Game of Thrones predictions, cheesy reality shows, strip clubs, G&R and Metallica, Robyn calls to talk about Making A Murderer, The Big Short, Concussion, Wush vs Milk on series, Coachella, New TV series’, old Stern memories, Wush & Milk homework, upcoming premieres, Vinyl, House of cards, Vikings, AMC “The Preacher”, Marco Polo, Listen to Me Marlon Documentary, The Hateful Eight, Billions, Batman vs. Superman, and more!

Andy Cruz & Baylee Show

Andy Cruz & Baylee Show
Episode: 01
Duration: 50:10
Size: 45mb

Summary: Andy Cruz and Baylee do a test show and interview a 15 year old website owner.