Episode 13 – Bullshitting For An Hour & 1/2

Pipe Talk
Episode: 13
Duration: 1:26:26
Size: 80mb
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Summary: Trump Hates Muslims, The Fog In Beijing Is To Die For! Happy Birthday To You! Jews Control The Media

Episode 95 – Meaning Of Life

Episode: 95
Duration: 2:21:04
Size: 129mb
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Summary: Listening to this episode will not reveal the meaning of life, but listening to these assholes ramble on will certainly make you feel better about your own life. You are welcome, internet. (ie; still don’t know what happened that night)

What Is This Special

What Is This Special
Episode: 01
Duration: 2:48:06
Size: 205mb
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Summary: A late night impromptu broadcast where Wush talks with Chuck about many different topics. Chuck hangs up because he gets too high and then Wush interviews Andy Cruz and gets some great stories about his old gang life. Followed by Wush talking to himself and ranting for an hour like a lunatic.

Step 15 – Going to the Doctor

American Positivity
Episode: 15
Duration: 2:01:36
Size: 120mb

Summary: Graphic pissed off about internet bandwidth traffic limits set by the largest internet provider, Comcast. Static being insanely upset by looking over his recent wedding photos and his sister purposely sabotaging the photos. The gentlemen discuss different ways to make guns harder to purchase and lastly, private citizens taking the law into their own hands by busting crimes with drones and submitting them to the police.

Episode 94 – Don’t Remember

Episode: 94
Duration: 3:20:47
Size: 183mb
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Summary: Due to work I missed the first part of the show. Due to shatter, I don’t remember what happened on the remainder of the show. I’m sure things were discussed and Zach was yelling. Radio gold as always though, I’m sure.

Episode 81 – Aspergering

Wush & Boon
Episode: 81
Duration: 3:01:40
Size: 166mb
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Summary: Check back for synopsis as I want to listen to the show first instead of skimming through and ruining it to write this. There was lots of aspergering though and a great interview with HippieMP from emeraldcityboutique.com @emeraldcityxxx

Episode 54 – Cough Button

The Joey Boots Show
Episode: 54
Duration: 1:57:22
Size: 106mb
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Summary: Gonzo doesn’t show up again so Max co-hosts with Joey, Medicated Pete Periscope discussions, Red Peters announcement, callers talks about jewish stuff, Ruffy cat calls in, discussions about Scott Weiland death, Jon The Magic guy, Ruffy Pup is missing.

Episode 16 – Ratings

Spoiler Junkies
Episode: 16
Duration: 2:15:26
Size: 124mb
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Summary: This week we talk The Walking Dead and Wush’s prediction coming true, Homeland kind of sucks now, Into The Badlands, The Knick, Man In The High Castle, Manhattan, Biggie & Tupac Murder Wrap Documentary, Superman Lives Doc, Kimbo Slice vs. Dada 5000, Steve Jobs Flop, Marco Polo, Rock Documentaries, Making of Phantom Menace, VICE Eagles of Death Metal Interview, Robert Iler and Lillo Brancato from Sopranos discussions, and much more!

Step 14 – Ecclesiastes’ Breakdown

American Positivity
Episode: 14
Duration: 1:49:12
Size: 157mb

Summary: The gentlemen explain what MMO’s are & the current state of them (Massively Multiplayer Online Game). How would Static bring Nintendo back to being a major player in the gaming world. Graphic reveals a family secret about his father….while his father listened & watched live. A new way to use a fleshlight. Lastly, how a mother ruined her teenaged son’s “Netflix & Chill’ Moment. All of which Static & high during the show.