Episode 100 – Hundy

Episode: 100
Duration: 3:33:31
Size: 195mb
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Summary: JMZ celebrates its 100th episode with calls from Rocksmolder, Booney, Farmer Ben, Gonzo, Jon, Wush, Chucksteak, JDummy, Tommy from Malden, and Red Peters. Thank you for listening and the amazing support.

Episode 99 – No Clue

Episode: 99
Duration: 2:12:00
Size: 120mb
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Summary: Another Saturday edition of JMZ after a Christmas holiday.

Episode 84 – New Digs

Wush & Boon
Episode: 84
Duration: 2:39:53
Size: 147mb
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Summary: Wush’s new apartment and studio, check out my vape bro, Joey Boots talk, Anthony Cumia controversy, Jon calls in to talk Christmas and share his 12 Days Of Podtrash song, Chuck is kind of sober, Did Chuck carry a drunken peeing Boon, Chuck and Booney argue over the validity of old stories.

Episode 98 – Holidaze

Episode: 98
Duration: 3:03:48
Size: 168mb
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Summary: The JMZ celebrates Christmas. Full of holiday cheer, beer, and weed.

Episode 97 – Chit Chat

Episode: 97
Duration: 1:56:11
Size: 95mb
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Summary: Maxx, Rocks, and Jon discuss magicians, the new Wush and Boon format, classic tv, drugs, cam girls, and Christmas.

Episode 83 – Speculum Mountain

Wush & Boon
Episode: 83
Duration: 2:50:02
Size: 159mb
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Summary: Discussing Joey Boots leaving the network, Red Peters Special discussions, Boon won’t see Star Wars, Boon drawing a new logo for the show, homeless guy tries to sell Wush a mixtape, Scott Weiland and opiate deaths skyrocketing, cocaine is a hell of a drug, removing anonymity from the internet, Boon’s alcoholism, Afluenza as a defense and escaping to Mexico, hiding cigarette odor, parkour with a GoPro, Wush’s exposure to racism growing up, politics with Zach and Static, Howard Stern re-signed for 5 more years, Chuck accusing Boon of rating women on stage.

Red Peter’s Christmas Special

Red Peter’s Christmas Special
Duration: 2:34:58
Size: 142mb
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Summary: Red Peter’s brings holiday cheer exclusively to Podtrash and introduces a bunch of his favorite Christmas songs. From his own originals to his favorites from SongSnatch, there is plenty of imMature content to go around. Redpeterssongsnatch.com

Step 16 – Skywalker is a Jihadist

American Positivity
Episode: 16
Duration: 1:55:16
Size: 181mb

Summary: Shocking show fashion news with Graphic speaks of his hate for Static “starting” the show prior to the intro music starts. The argument of Luke Skywalker actually being an arab jihadist is discussed. A very large-sized head of a caller calls in wondering about Joey Boots’ status with Podtrash. The rise in popularity of clip-in man buns for men is slammed. How is Michael Bay still making shitty movies and lastly, the human fascination of looking at poos taken into a toilet.

Episode 96 – Angry Jon

Episode: 96
Duration: 3:53:11
Size: 213mb
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Summary: Maxx, Rocks, Zach and Jon are joined by Chelsea and HippieMP for talk about squirting substance, booze and drugs. Jon loses his cool on Zach. Talk of superhero tv, when did Adam Sandler stop being funny. Is it ok to cry over tv shows. Chuck called in and is challenged to do a 16 oz liquor chug. Talk of the Red Peters Christmas spectacular.

Episode 82 – Opie

Wush & Boon
Episode: 82
Duration: 3:58:14
Size: 222mb
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Summary: Wush fell down a flight of stairs on edibles, what to do with your dead torso, god damn chemtrails, Joey Boots calls in to talk politics and pickled penises, Wush and Joey Boots fight, Wush moving to new apartment, Opie and Anthony fight discussions, Pundeep the scammer calls in, addressing the controversy surrounding Podtrash, Jesse Ventura impressions, Chuck and Booney argue over chemtrails, Booney wants to be on the puppet show, Jdummy helps end the show.