Step 8 – Holomans Exodus

American Positivity
Episode: 08
Duration: 55:40
Size: 80mb

Summary: Christian. Why does that word put a bad taste in some people’s mouths? Maybe it’s because too many Christians don’t know how to follow Christ. Religion is one thing—but a relationship is something else entirely. Discover the difference in Christian Atheist.

Episode 07 – Democratic Snooze Fest

Pipe Talk
Episode: 07
Duration: 2:00:46
Size: 111mb
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Summary: Kids are Fucked. Yay socialism! The Lotto is Broke. Jews Control the Media

Episode 79 – Elbow Deep

Episode: 79
Duration: 1:59:26
Size: 109mb
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Summary: Sports, fisting, and lady boners made for an educational and informative show with the Saturday crew.

Episode 74 – Highschool Dreams

Wush & Boon
Episode: 74
Duration: 2:01:26
Size: 111mb
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Summary: Boon missing the show for Chinese food, final words on the recent controversy, working on getting interviews, Boon sold a piece of artwork for $1700, the old Richard Gere Gerbil rumor, Baseketball, Unsolved Mysteries and Crime documentaries, John Dupont Foxcatcher, convicting people based on how creepy they look, Boon seeing Steve Buscemi driving, bullies and bullying stories from high school, Boon at ITT Tech, the state of hip-hop music, Boon and his dwarf fortress, feeling bad for non gamers.

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Episode 48 – Too Legit To Quit

The Joey Boots Show
Episode: 48
Duration: 1:58:09
Size: 108mb
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Summary: Joey talks to High Pitch Erik from the ER about pulling his groin muscle, Monotone Matt calls in, Joey scolds the postal worker who stole his beloved nieces’ gifts. Gonzo’s friend Jake calls in to discuss some disturbing allegations against Sacramento’s mayor, and many more calls and discussions including the controversial Bostonian accent.

Episode 78 – A Shitty Show

Episode: 78
Duration: 2:25:22
Size: 133mb
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Summary: Food glorious food, Everybody’s high, Voitek can’t poop, Zach says no more cock talk, Zach has diarrhea.

Step 7 – You Are My Density

American Positivity
Episode: 07
Duration: 1:35:57
Size: 138mb

Summary: Graphic & Static are joined by a mystery caller to talk about a vareity of topics ranging from the latest in technology (Microsoft, Apple, iOS, etc), video games (Destiny, current video technology vs old school cartridge-based games, and Oculous Rift). Other topics discussed: China viewing video game habits rating against your credit score, French citizens rioting over job layoffs and a fun story on how to get you hands washed by someone else after you take a dump.

Episode 06 – I Want To Blow Bill Cosby

Pipe Talk
Episode: 06
Duration: 1:43:13
Size: 95mb
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Summary: Women be all whiney about rape. Guns are cool. I heart Maxwell. Jews control the media.

Episode 77 – JMZ vs Spenny

Episode: 77
Duration: 2:03:26
Size: 113mb
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Summary: The crew with Robyn have a great talk with Spenny from Kenny vs Spenny. A fun and interesting time was had by all.

Boon’s Hot Seat Special

Boon’s Hot Seat
Episode: 01
Duration: 50:53
Size: 48mb

Summary: Boon attempts to hold a meeting on air to resolve the blowout from Wush & Boon. Instead, the conflict between Joey and Wush comes to a boiling point and results in the end of The Joey Boots Show.