Episode 76 – Trumped

Wush & Boon
Episode: 76
Duration: 2:03:51
Size: 114mb
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Summary: Boon returns from hibernation, listeners on vacation, chuck’s conspiracies, weird handshakes, stop supporting Donald Trump and shopping at Walmart, Clip of Boon on NPR’s On Point, trying to give younger people advice, breaking into King’s Park Psych Ward for Halloween, NSA utilizing self driving cars, Kambaru calls in to talk about her life and history in the community.

Episode 83 – No Joe Show

Episode: 83
Duration: 58:17
Size: 53mb
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Summary: The JMZ show fills in for Joey with a show full of technical difficulties, cool callers, talk of drugs, comic book shows, and racism. A pretty good show all in all.

Chuck’s Conspiracy Hour

Chuck’s Conspiracy Hour
Episode: 01
Duration: 58:39
Size: 53mb

Summary: A music show turns into Chuck calling in and discussing his health condition and doctor experiences. This somehow morphs into a test show for Chuck’s Conspiracy Hour. Don’t ask. Just Listen.

Episode 82 – I Got Nothing

Episode: 82
Duration: 2:17:28
Size: 125mb
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Summary: Jon, Maxx, and Zach discuss politics, religion, and world issues. Things get rather heated when a disagreement stumbles it’s way into the discussion.

Episode 08 – Heated

Pipe Talk
Episode: 08
Duration: 1:15:19
Size: 70mb
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Summary: A short but sweet episode. Max and Zach argue about Islam and the religious debate gets heated! Balls are definitely slapping on chins in this one folks.

Episode 81 – Anal Sex and Pizza

Episode: 81
Duration: 5:22:43
Size: 295mb
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Summary: Jon, Maxx, and Cait discuss music, abortion, wedding gigs for Jon. They are joined by SJ and Whitey who proceed to shit on Jon’s sexual bucket list. Also… Bachelor parties. Disrespecting women. The trials and tribulations of a 19 inch wang.

Step 9 – The Musical Fruit

American Positivity
Episode: 09
Duration: 54:43
Size: 78mb

Summary: A spectacle of Graphic’s ability to make music is shown here peppering in his thoughts during a drunk, stoned journey of a Sunday evening while Static takes his honeymoon and “making the sex” with his newly wedded wife in Florida. So enjoy the hot beats of the most infamous musician that is Graphic.

Episode 75 – AWOL

Wush & Boon
Episode: 75
Duration: 2:58:08
Size: 163mb
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Summary: Voitek sits in for Boon, Wush interviews Voitek about his life, Donald Trump getting further than he should have, amusement parks and summer camp, the sad truth about charity, Social media feeds the ego, Hitachi Predictive Crime Analytics could stop school shootings, DUI and community service, Podtrash Soundtrack, relationships and getting cheated on, Jdummy and Chuck are drugging themselves, Jdummy shits his pants twice, Baylee calls in to defend herself as a real woman.

Episode 49 – Titty Boy

The Joey Boots Show
Episode: 49
Duration: 1:58:09
Size: 108mb
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Summary: Monotone matt again joins Joey and gonzo to discuss joey’s visit to the Jimmy kimmel show, Matt gets into it with his #1 troll Titty Boy, Matt defends his 12-15 beer a day intake and Joey takes many, many calls.

Episode 80 – Some Kind Of Monster

Episode: 80
Duration: 2:42:19
Size: 148mb
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Summary: The JMZ crew did a show. Unfortunately the guy who is writing this, is high as fuck and didn’t take notes. I remember some laughing near the beginning. Joey Boots might have called in. Some yelling towards the end. The usual. (Translation: Chucksteak called in about a topic nobody cares about anymore and got rejected by Max)