Step 5 – We Speak English Here

American Positivity
Episode: 05
Duration: 1:35:20
Size: 188mb

Summary: Prayers aren’t empty words hurled at the sky. They’re conversations—in fact, they’re the most important conversations of our lives. Find out just how much it matters when you Pray. When Praying, Pray to Raptor Jesus.

Episode 73 – Tan Mom and The Hungry Hole

Episode: 73
Duration: 2:11:27
Size: 120mb
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Summary: Max, Zach and Jon talk to Tan mom. For the most part I couldn’t say what the fuck she was talking about. Then Hungry hole called in for an update and we find out he is now std free. Booney and Boots call in.

Episode 02 – Steak and Boots

Chuck Has A Show
Episode: 02
Duration: 50:23
Size: 46mb

Summary: Chuck hangs out with Joey Boots and discusses how the Howard Stern Show has changed over the years and takes some callers.

Episode 71 – Bulger

Wush & Boon
Episode: 71
Duration: 1:54:33
Size: 105mb
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Summary: Boon’s priorities, people targeting the show, role playing, the reality of Trump as President, Ultimate Women Haters, Garth Crooks in a bad place and sends in a new song, Whitey Bulger calls in from prison, the Jersey Mob, Robot on line for an iPhone, discussions about Artie Lange expressing his true feelings about Howard Stern.

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Episode 45 – Gay Doritos

The Joey Boots Show
Episode: 45
Duration: 2:52:25
Size: 157mb
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Summary: Discussions about The Pope’s visit to NYC, High Pitch Erik calls in to talk about driving a car on Periscope, Todd The Driving Instructor offers Erik driving lessons, Artie Lange & Stuttering John’s comments about Howard Stern, Blake and Blind Angel, A Very Confused Caller, people boycotting Frito Lay over Gay Doritos.

Episode 72 – That Cow Was Asking For It

Episode: 72
Duration: 3:46:23
Size: 207mb
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Summary: The crew (minus Zach), discuss Howard and Artie. Dope Francis called in and bombed. SJ and Cait are cutsie gross. Classic rock and COW ABUSE. Ring pop butt plugs. Growing up Jewish and more Howard talk. Calls from SJ, Booney, Spicoli, JDummy, RDV, and Joey Boots.

Step 4 – God Bless You

American Positivity
Episode: 04
Duration: 1:51:45
Size: 188mb

Summary: This week, Lead Pastor Ho Lee Fuuke began a new series on relationships called “Mass Derrbate” where he explained how to be healthy church, we must have healthy relationships. We were created to have an intimate, close life with God AND with people.

Episode 71 – Brown Chicken. Brown Cow.

Episode: 71
Duration: 2:27:09
Size: 134mb
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Summary: Max, Cait, and Jon take calls from Tann Matt, jvoitek, And Janella.
Topics ranged from Niagara doinking, IT tech, silly science, and voitek’s troubles.

Episode 04 – Refugee Sausage Fest

Pipe Talk
Episode: 04
Duration: 1:51:57
Size: 103mb
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Summary: GOP debate rub down, What’s up with these crazy women??, I ❤️ Sarah Palin, Jews control the media.

Episode 70 – The Zach Show

Episode: 70
Duration: 4:00:13
Size: 219mb
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Summary: The crew are joined by Voitek and discuss Zach going to AGT. Cait’s trip to niagara. A bunch of political BS. And then Booney and Boots call in and “hangout” for the remainder of the show.