Episode 65 – The Lovely Cait

Episode: 65
Duration: 2:59:12
Size: 164mb
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Summary: Amidst the talk of dope, glittery shit, and vagazzles, Voitek calls in to discuss getting lucky. Cait would rather doink Jon than Max. And through-out the show, Cait treats us all with several songs, bringing up the point… With talent like that, why is she hanging with these losers.

Episode 01 – Phish

Pipe Talk
Episode: 01
Duration: 1:54:20
Size: 104mb
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Summary: Zachary Mecier hosts his first episode of Pipe Talk with Max and Jon. Politics and stuff. Calls from Rhassin and PimpmyTweeting.

Episode 67 – Gjallarhorn

Wush & Boon
Episode: 67
Duration: 2:11:29
Size: 121mb
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Summary: Boon annoyed at how close his camera is, Joey’s health issue, getting back to nature, Mr. Robot finale postponed due to VA shooting, Voitek is flying high, Jared Fogle claims pedophilia was medical issue and Subway execs may of known, Boon never sent his beer to hosts, Wush loves video games and Destiny, Reddit and social media, WDBJ does background check on VA Shooter’s alias only, Tom Cruise and scientology, Boon’s Church of Indifference, Wush has Asians showing up to buy house without appointment, potential Asian buyer calls in, kids freaking out over Gjallarhorn.

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Episode 41 – Gonzo and Erik

The Joey Boots Show
Episode: 41
Duration: 58:16
Size: 53mb
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Summary: With Joey in the hospital, Gonzo and High Pitch Erik take over the show and take calls from fans. Erik kept the show flowing and handled the callers very well!

Episode 64 – Bombshell

Episode: 64
Duration: 3:58:50
Size: 218mb
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Summary: Max’s first show after his outburst, Joey and Wush fight to keep the evil spirit alive, Joey and Wush make up, a final discussion about the past week’s insanity from all hosts and callers.

Episode 63 – Thank You For Your Call

Episode: 63
Duration: 4:11:14
Size: 230mb
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Summary: Max, Cait, and Jon take calls from the usual gang of callers… hilarity ensues.

Nuclear Holocaust Special

Nuclear Holocaust
Duration: 3:33:48
Size: 195mb
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Summary: A meeting of the minds turned public forum results in an absolute meltdown of Podtrash started by a conflict between Max and Krystal. It escalates quickly into the gloves coming off and people getting a bit too real. It cannot be explained any further so you’ll just have to listen.

Episode 04 – Chaos

Krystal’s Pillow Talk
Episode: 04
Duration: 2:58:21
Size: 163mb
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Summary: Booney asks Krystal what the story is with her and Janella and Krystal explains but is interrupted by a call from Brian, who was dating Janella, and the show goes to shit from there.

Episode 66 – Nasheed

Wush & Boon
Episode: 66
Duration: 2:30:00
Size: 138mb
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Summary: YouTube suspension, Boon’s drunken rampage from Boon’s Circus, vilifying Jared Fogle and wishing for his death, Joey Boots calls in to talk about Oscar Pistorius and Jared, the best places for sandwiches, the early days of High Pitch Erik, Wush & Boon Nasheed, Psychic on Krystal’s Pillow Talk, Andy Cruz calls to talk about witnessing murder and WDM, Chuck calls to talk about Booney huffing his own farts, Chuck doesn’t believe Wush isn’t racist, a plan for Podtrash video and future of YouTube.

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Episode 40 – Glory Hole

The Joey Boots Show
Episode: 40
Duration: 1:59:35
Size: 109mb
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Summary: High Pitch Erik out to dinner with a fan, Ashley Madison hack, Grinder talk and Glory holes, Matthew Silva from Union Square, Jimmy Kimmel plugging Booey Bombs, Joey and Gonzo discuss Jared from Subway, Joey explains the banning of Double A and Elliot Offen from Stern for a caller, using LSD for mental health, High Pitch Erik calls in to talk about Periscope, Max calls in and talks food.