Episode 12 – Mr Robot

Spoiler Junkies
Episode: 12
Duration: 1:19:48
Size: 73mb
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Summary: This week we discuss Sopranos, Mr. Robot, Humans, The Walking Dead & Fear The Walking Dead Comic Con Trailers, Halt and Catch Fire, The Brink, and True Detective.

Episode 60 – Jewsh

Wush & Boon
Episode: 60
Duration: 1:48:36
Size: 100mb
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Summary: A retraction from a previous show, if Hillary Clinton was President, was Wall Street hacked by Anonymous, Bitcoin, the plight of the Jewsh, Joey playing a prank on High Pitch, Kevin Storm calls in angry at Joey, Lachlan Mitchell from http://www.theaureview.com/ talks about hanging out with Artie Lange, Boon ranting about Confederate flags, SDK’s latest conspiracy about Wush.

Episode 35 – Boston

The Joey Boots Show
Episode: 35
Duration: 2:01:07
Size: 110mb
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Summary: Jared from Subway, roommates, Joey’s trip to Boston and hanging with Tommy from Malden, High Pitch Erik’s thievery and diet, how phones ring in England, Lady M calls in to talk about the data breach.

Episode 50 – Milestoned

Episode: 50
Duration: 3:12:46
Size: 176mb
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Summary: The guys hit their 50th episode, Max not drunk yet, Zach smoking Dark Shadow Haze, Tan Mom calls in, Cait and SJ to meet at Niagara Falls?

Episode 59 – Batwings

Wush & Boon
Episode: 59
Duration: 3:20:49
Size: 184mb
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Summary: Max joins in on the show, High Pitch Gonzo, ex girlfriends, legalization of marijuana, the history of Batman, Jehova’s Witnesses at Wush’s door, Krystal’s new song, parenting and discipline, the origins of Jesus, Matt Denton back from the dead, arguing over video games, chucksteak and his Chemtrail conspiracy videos.

Episode 48 – Zach The Pornstar

Episode: 48
Duration: 3:50:30
Size: 211mb
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Summary: The crew discusses board games and comicon etiquette. Zach’s pretty penis may be porno bound. Joey Boots and Tommy from Malden call in and talk Stern, Gay marriage, and the right to refuse service. SJ calls in and talks about farm life.