Episode 09 – Detente

Krystal After Dark
Episode: 09
Duration: 1:31:51
Size: 85mb
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Summary: Krystal holds a co-host contest, Janella calls in to resolve things with Krystal and announce their new show together.

Episode 54 – Hutdog

Wush & Boon
Episode: 54
Duration: 2:36:59
Size: 144mb
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Summary: Boon lost his internet, chemtrails and cumtrails, Alex Jones hypocrisy, annoying lines in famous songs, Kurt Cobain documentary, Bum Fights owner pranks Dr. Phil, bad tattoos, old classic television shows. Joey Boots, Milkweed, and Gonzo call in to talk being blocked by Roseanne Bar, a call from Whitey Bulger in prison.

Episode 30 – Blind Love

The Joey Boots Show
Episode: 30
Duration: 1:58:12
Size: 108mb
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Summary: Joey and Gonzo speak with Prank Reviewer, Blind DJ calls in to talk about life as a blind man.

Episode 38 – Drunken Magic Guy

Episode: 38
Duration: 5:28:43
Size: 300mb
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Summary: The crew discusses astrophysics, Vegas talk with the king of hangouts Lee, Legalizing weed and FIFA, What’s the point of sports?, Joey Boots hates Jon, More Vegas and poop talk with boots, Jon practices for the 16oz challenge and gets so drunk he can’t finish the recap blurb.

Episode 04 – Bootstraps

Boon’s Vinyl Hour
Episode: 04
Duration: 2:56:31
Size: 162mb
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Summary: Late night Boon spinning some favorite vinyl records and taking requests and phone calls from listeners.

Episode 37 – Under Card

Episode: 37
Duration: 1:54:48
Size: 105mb
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Summary: Jon, Maxx, Rock, and Cait discuss podtrash craziness, water shortages and political correctness. The Domina calls in with her insight on Jews. Empty wallet calls in for more podtrash drama.

Episode 53 – Tampons

Wush & Boon
Episode: 53
Duration: 2:23:13
Size: 131mb
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Summary: Summing up the drama with Krystal & Janella, Boon is a fish hero, obsession with technology, visiting Steve Job’s grave, fear of losing your parents, Boon’s experience with E-coli, David Letterman finale, chasing a thrill rock climbing and skydiving, Krystal calls in to discuss the conflict with Janella and callers join in to give their opinion, Chucksteak says things.

Episode 08 – Baptism

Krystal After Dark
Episode: 08
Duration: 3:17:02
Size: 181mb
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Summary: Krystal talks pedophilia and Honest Frank, takes some weird phone calls, and confronts Janella about their recent conflict. It goes sour and ultimately Krystal leaves her own show and Janella attempts to give her side of things.

Episode 29 – Overtime

The Joey Boots Show
Episode: 29
Duration: 4:01:16
Size: 220mb
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Summary: A special 4 hour episode of The Joey Boots Show. Joey discusses his recent call into Howard Stern, Robert Patterson, and being on Drudge & InfoWars, call from Boon, and much more.

Episode 36 – Grapefruiting

Episode: 36
Duration: 3:17:05
Size: 180mb
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Summary: Politics with an Aussie spin. Dreams and aspirations. The 30 min Tan Matt min. Jon may agree to die of alcohol poisoning on air. And grapefruit blow jobs