Episode 03 – McDonalds

Boon’s Vinyl Hour
Episode: 03
Duration: 1:53:20
Size: 104mb
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Summary: Late night Boon spinning some favorite vinyl records and taking requests and phone calls from listeners.

Episode 08

Episode: 08
Duration: 3:00:18
Size: 165mb
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Summary: Maxxxwell, Zachary Mercier, and Jon The Magic Guy discuss various topics.

Episode 33 – Disciples of Stern

Wush & Boon
Episode: 33
Duration: 3:09:28
Size: 174mb
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Summary: Boon oversleeps and the show starts late, Lizard Squad gets busted, Gonzo imitates Danny from LA, Sean The White Rapper calls in to give insider information on the Howard Stern Show and demands credit for creating multiple bits. Joey Boots calls in to contest Sean’s claims and call him out.