Episode 28 – Bad Juju

Episode: 28
Duration: 4:11:58
Size: 231mb
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Summary: Derren Brown is a Fraud, Throwing Semen on Derren Brown, Chris Dorner sparks a incredibly uncomfortable argument between Wush & Boon. God bless anyone who can make it to the brutal end.

Episode 05 – Black Friday

Episode: 05
Duration: 38:30
Size: 35mb
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Summary: A post Thanksgiving show on Black Friday with Maxxxwell, Jon, and Zach.

Episode 04 – Thanksgiving

Episode: 04
Duration: 2:02:28
Size: 112mb
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Summary: Thanksgiving Special with Maxxxwell, Jon, and Zach.

Episode 27 – Zucchini

Episode: 27
Duration: 2:56:55
Size: 163mb
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Summary: Listener films himself blowing a Zucchini, GTA5 First Person Mode, Chef Chad calls in to talk about his ex wife messing around with his brother, Jon The Magic Guy calls, Garth Brooks and shitty country music, child stars, a proposition for the zucchini queer.

Episode 03

Episode: 03
Duration: 2:24:42
Size: 132mb
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Summary: Maxxxwell, Jon, and Zach discuss various topics.

Episode 26 – Vote For Me

Episode: 26
Duration: 2:08:43
Size: 118mb
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Summary: Artie on the Opie & Jim Show, Cocaine and Heroin stories, Rosetta mission, Big Business, an update from Joey Boots, video stream for the show, Elections for show host begin. Vote for Wush.

Episode 02

Episode: 02
Duration: 1:54:20
Size: 103mb
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Summary: Zach at the Elephant Boy Roast, Gonzoshitcock calls in, White Nagger.

Episode 25 – F*ck You

Episode: 25
Duration: 2:07:39
Size: 117mb
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Summary: Weirdo stalkers, resetting the clock on censorship, South Park, Boon wants to do hard drugs, another argument about show content.

Episode 22 – Tan Mom

Episode: 22
Duration: 2:24:46
Size: 133mb
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Summary: A drunken Tan Mom calls to discuss various topics of madness. Prepare to have your ears bleeding.

Episode 01

Episode: 01
Duration: 2:11:11
Size: 120mb
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Summary: The premiere of the JMZ show with Maxxxwell, Zach, and Jon The Magic Guy.