Episode 23 – Horny Barber

Episode: 23
Duration: 1:56:10
Size: 107mb
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Summary: Persistent caller strikes again, Boon cries after abusing a socially inept weirdo, Video games vs. Board games, Jimmy Iovine having gay sex with hip hop artists, Joey Boots talks about being molested by his barber as a kid.

Episode 09 – Ass Napkin Ed, High Pitch Erik

Episode: 09
Duration: 1:58:53
Size: 109b
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Summary: Ass Napkin Ed talks about his weird sexual experience at the doctor’s office and then prank calls a Walmart. Later High Pitch Erik and Joey take out their anger on an annoying caller giving weight loss advice.

Episode 22 – Ass Macro

Episode: 22
Duration: 2:27:42
Size: 136mb
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Summary: Political talk,  Gamergate in 60 seconds, a heated debate about journalistic integrity,  asshole close-ups,  a combination of callers trying to troll the show.  TV talk with Milkweed.

Episode 08 – Ass Napkin Ed, Leeroy

Episode: 08
Duration: 2:00:26
Size: 110mb
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Summary: Ass Napkin Ed calls in with an awkward call and fails to figure out how to call back.  Later a guy we  dubbed as Leeroy talks about his life as a ‘black’ man.

Episode 21 – John The Magic Guy

Episode: 21
Duration: 2:04:23
Size: 113mb
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Summary: John The Magic Guy calls in to talk about the Stern Show.  Bob Levy refuses to come on the show.

Episode 21 – Scooter

Episode: 21
Duration: 3:04:49
Size: 170mb
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Summary: Bad moods,  Boon’s fear of success,  old game shows,  and bronies.  After the break Joey Boots calls in and then eventually Emerald and ‘Scooter’ join the show.  What ensues is an hour of overtime that contains radio insanity at it’s finest.

Episode 07 – Jeff The Drunk, High Pitch Erik, Hanzi

Episode: 07
Duration: 1:53:42
Size: 104mb
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Summary: Another segment with High Pitch Erik and then Joey tries to boost Hanzi’s confidence and have a serious discussion with him.  Jeff the Drunk tries to rain on Hanzi’s parade.

Episode 20 – Test Show

Episode: 20
Duration: 57:54
Size: 53mb
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Summary: Maxxxwell and Zach test out the new Mac studio setup to see how things work out.  We’re almost at the light at the end of the tunnel.

Episode 06 – High Pitch Erik

Episode: 06
Duration: 1:51:52
Size: 103mb
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Summary: Joey talks about his encounters in Union Square from the previous week.  High Pitch Erik calls in to give an update on his diet and reveals that he might be cheating just a little bit.

Episode 20 – Selling Out

Episode: 20
Duration: 2:27:44
Size: 136mb
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Summary: The future of media,  sex on drugs,  an incredibly vivid dream,  video games,  ISIS on Twitter,  Joey Boots calls to talk about potential radio opportunities.  I consider selling out to Sirius and leaving Boon behind.