Episode 10 – Live Pranks

Episode: 10
Duration: 1:51:40
Size: 103mb
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Summary: Live Prank Calls with a twist, Milkweed’s TV of the Week, Boon’s happy ending massage, and much more!

Episode 11 – Joey Boots

Episode: 11
Size: 28mb
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Summary: New hosts Maxxxwell and Zachary Messier do their first show.  Joey Boots calls in to join in on the celebration.

Episode 09 – John Howard

Episode: 09
Duration: 1:45:57
Size: 97mb
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Summary: Malaysian plane shot down in Ukraine, North Korea Discussions, Awesome interview with artist John Howard,  we might create our own comic book?
http://artofjohnhoward.com http://shortncurlygraphics.com

Episode 10 – Cactus Matt

Episode: 10
Size: 27mb
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Summary: Cactus Matt returns to the airwaves to discuss his absence from the show and the future of Stern Universe.

Episode 08 – Anthony Cumia

Episode: 08
Duration: 1:54:23
Size: 105mb
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Summary: Anthony Cumia Discussions,  Original Bits & Music, Milkweed’s TV Segment, and lots more!

Episode 09 – Live From NYC

Episode: 09
Size: 39mb
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Summary: Live From NYC Day 2 – Matt hangs with Zach after he wins the Nicole Bass Contest.

Episode 08 – Live From NYC

Episode: 08
Size: 23mb
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Summary: Live From NYC Day 1 – Matt hangs with Zach after he wins the Nicole Bass Contest.

Episode 07 – Joey Boots, Hanzi

Episode: 07
Size: 41mb
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Summary: 4th of July Special.  We get another fun call from Joey Boots and Hanzi.

Episode 06 – Cristina Palumbo, Ron The Burper, Hanzi

Episode: 06
Size: 24mb
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Summary: Cristina Palumbo from the Jay Thomas Show calls in.  Followed by Ron Johnson the Burper who was recently interview on Howard Stern.  Later we get a call from Hanzi.