Episode 05 – Tiffany Bannister, Eric The Midget

Episode: 05
Size: 37mb
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Summary: Porn Star Tiffany Bannister calls in to discuss her new video.  Later we get an angry call from Eric The Midget regarding Matt’s Eric Is A Sandwich campaign website.

Episode 07 – Milkweed

Episode: 07
Duration: 1:51:37
Size: 102mb
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Summary: Breaking Bad Theory, Booney literally dumps on Twitter, Jump start fire,  Milkweed talks HBO and surviving in the wilderness.

Episode 06 – Boon Apology, Chuck

Episode: 06
Duration: 1:50:34
Size: 101mb
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Summary: Boon’s Kramer Apology,  Bad Pink Floyd Remix,  a drunken chucksteak calls to demand white pride parades.

Episode 04 – Medicated Pete, Joey Boots, Tan Mom

Episode: 04
Duration: 1:40:27
Size: 23mb
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Summary: A call from Howard’s former intern Medicated Pete.  Then later a call from Joey Boots and Tan Mom.

Episode 03 – Tan Mom, Steve Grillo

Episode: 03
Duration: 1:57:08
Size: 26mb
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Summary: Tan Mom joins the show with a hilarious phone call.  Later we get an interview with Howard’s former intern Steve Grillo about his time on Stern and role on The Sopranos.

Episode 02 – Shuli Egar, Zach Messier

Episode: 02
Duration: 2:59:56
Size: 41mb
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Summary: Wack Pack Nteract joins the show.  A recorded interview with Shuli Egar by show friend Zach Messier.  Winner of the Howard Stern Prettiest Penis Contest.

Episode 05 – Whitey

Episode: 05
Duration: 2:29:14
Size: 137mb
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Summary: Howard Stern, Drug Experiences, Boon defends racist words,  calls from Whitey and Cactus.

Episode 01 – Elephant Boy

Episode: 01
Duration: 2:54:09
Size: 39mb
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Summary: Elephant Boy calls the show to discuss an ongoing feud with Hi-Pitch Eric.

Episode 04 – Celery Man

Episode: 04
Duration: 1:58:54
Size: 109mb
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Summary: Hilarious Conspiracy Theories, The Celery Man, calls from Cactus, Ryan Lever, and Moonchild.

Episode 01

Episode: 01
Duration: 1:42:15
Size: 94mb
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Summary: Late night Boon spinning some favorite vinyl records and taking requests and phone calls from listeners.