Episode 45 – Is There A God

The Eh Team
Episode: 45
Air Date: 06/21/17
Size: 153mb
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Summary: Robyn and Jon are back on a bunch of platforms. Callers ask if there is a god, and describe the perfect burger. Billy Bob was a bottle of wine in, and sat in for the show. Ted and Johnny called in to discuss the Eh Team Pre-Show. Bobo called in with a programming change and gaining back the weight he lost. RDV called in just to be Australian. We receive a call from a new listener from Ireland. Jon talked about his dating life. Ted’s karaoke Eh Team debut.

Episode 52 – What Universe is This?

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 6/19/2017
Episode: 52
Duration: 163:43
Size: 159MB
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Summary: The show returns but what timeline are we on? We discuss the Mandela Effect for a bit and then back to the normal insanity. Our favorite conspiracy bro ChuckSteak checks in and we take calls from our friends Gruse and Jdummy as we rock it out for almost 3hrs.

Episode 45 – Frank Shitnatra

What Is This
Episode: 45
Air Date: 06/16/17
Size: 210mb
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Summary: Erik upset that someone leaked his phone numbers. Rapper “C5” who hates the white man wants to call in next week. Wush fends off the pleb Twitch trolls like a champion, the internet needs to save Brenden Fraser before he kills himself, David Arquette calls into Podtrash, working on getting new interviews, Robyn tries to stop Wush from vaping and shitting, How long do you spend in the bathroom when shitting? Wush dismantles pathetic trihards, Tupac Movie “All Eyez On Me” gets shit on by critics, Twitch users try to help Wush understand what makes a successful Twitch streamer, John Booney calls in to talk about his shitting habits and encourage a Wushvivor special. Politics have become a complete reality TV show and Wush is completely disconnecting from it. AS ALWAYS THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO LISTENED, DONATED, AND FOLLOWED! TUNE IN EVERY FRIDAY @ 10PM EST ON PODTRASH & FOLLOW US ON TWITCH.TV/PODTRASH

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Episode 04 – David Arquette

The GonzoShitCock Show
Episode: 4
Air Date: 06/16/17
Duration: 122:50
Size: 92mb
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Summary: HPE returns to do the show but vows to leave if “one hate” is said. David Arquette calls in and gives Gonzo and Erik an update on his life. A “hater” posts HPE’s phone number in the chat. Serial Killer Jack calls in and advises HPE not to threaten to murder people anymore. HPE threatens his haters and doesn’t care if he gets in trouble with the law.

Episode 21 – No Gender Fluid In Space

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 21
Air Date: 06/15/17
Duration: 144:51
Size: 117mb
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Summary: We hope your are hungry because the PCE is serving up all your favorite Podtrash delicacies. Max & Ted bring you their opinions and rants about current events, politics and weird news, while taking some calls along the way. Guns & congressional baseball practice does not mix, London is still on fire, someone NOT named High Pitch Erik had 28 lbs. of shit inside them, rich Asians be trippin’, Sessions session, people freak out about Alex Jones, manslaughter charges in Flint, orange Julius Caesar, Nasa shirts are for boys, Uber can suck a dick, Chef Boyardee fucked up, Wendy’s sign game is savage and much more. Calls from Frankie “the weather guy” and RDV.

Episode 14 – No Callers Please

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 06/15/2017
Episode: 14
Duration: 84:42
Size: 122MB
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Summary: Things are heating up and a huge heatwave is coming to Sacramento, Bobo feels fat and for some reason wants to forgive Chad. He got a new job and starts next week so the show will be moving to a new time slot. Neil talks about Summer TV shows and Corrine from the Bachelor’s platinum Vagine. We then check out some new music to confirm it still does indeed suck. Rosie O’Donnel then follows us on twitter after asking her to call in… she responded to the DM’s saying she will call in! Bobo then realizes its been a year since he saw a vagina in person and laments for any woman to help break the streak. Will you make the ultimate donation to a pod trash host?

Episode 44 – Purple Stink Berries

The Eh Team
Episode: 44
Air Date: 06/14/17
Size: 153mb
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Summary: Another fun episode. Rdv called in about his haemorrhoid adventures. Billybob sat in for most of the show. He and Robyn discussed juicing and living a plant based diet. Wush takes hour long dumps. Jon’s online dating adventures continue. Mark the lawyer called in and Robyn may have a new job. Wush closes the show belting out some Sinatra.

Episode 51 – Time Flys When You’re Getting Dissed

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 6/12/2017
Episode: 51
Duration: 116:26
Size: 112MB
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Summary: On a special Holocaust we talk about jvoit’s lay off. We take a call from jvoit’s buddy Britt, and we get a very very “special” call from one of the Podtrash Elite – Juanbon!!!!!! We then end at approx 2 hrs because Britt just can’t take it anymore, thanks everyone for tuning in.

Party Line – Episode 08

Podtrash Party Line
Episode: 08
Duration: 292:13
Size: 284mb
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Summary: The Party Line takes your unsolicited calls on a Saturday night. Chat with your favorite people all night long.

Episode 20 – Comey Chameleon

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 20
Air Date: 06/08/17
Duration: 155:33
Size: 117mb
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Summary: Max & Ted keep on truckin’ for another Thursday night party with booze, greens and the PCE. It’s a two man show moving forward and the guys don’t skip a beat while talking current events and taking calls. Bill Cosby loves Brass Monkey, Bill Maher is a house nigga, mispelled porn of the U.S.A., London’s burning, bed bug terrorism, Hank Jr. Returns to Monday Night Football, James Comey pub crawl, Multi Death Corporations and a lot more. Calls from Frankie “the weather guy”, Blake from L.A., RDV and Chucksteak.