Episode 37 – Cuck Of The Walk

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 37
Air Date: 10/16/17
Duration: 216:33
Size: 208mb

Summary: Max & Ted bring you PCE episode #37, the fastest 2+ hours on Podtrash.com. We have guest Arthur C. Schaper right from the start of the show and talk a variety of issues. No punches are pulled and the topics are furious.

*California MAGA
*Antifa assaults
*Spit takes
*Free speech
*LGBT propaganda
*Alpha Beta
* Johnny Benitez (@Johnny_MAGA) calls in to ask Mr. Schaper a question and refute his statements, they talk over each other and nothing is settled. Johnny agrees to stick around and talk some current events.
*Differences in MAGA opinions
*Las Vegas shooting
*False flags
*Threats to America
*Harvey Weinstein
*Liberal hypocrisy
*Gun control
*White apologists

Max & Ted talk freely for the second part of the show and discuss the usual hot topics happening around the Wing Kong Exchange, Podtrash.com and the rest of the screwed up world. Calls from Johnny Benitez, CrazySoutherner, Frankie “The Weather Guy” MacDonald, JonTheMagicGuy, Butt Towel dEaD and more.

Episode 03 – An Artist Respects The Silence & Serves The Foundation Of Creativity….You Suck!

Miami Comics
Episode: 03
Air Date: 10/15/17
Duration: 170:04
Size: 151mb

Summary: JT Muttly and friends raise hell with their third show and While J Hou is in the Philippines scouting new talent Nico Prada will be filling in. Nico Prada from the Degenerate Comedy Crew talks about vomiting blood and touring. We talk about Doug Stanhope not being into his fans anymore or maybe just a bitter comedian. Dan bores us with another story about his teeth. Ass napkin ed calls in and puts the show to a complete halt, while also loosing to Are Your Smarter Then a Pervert. Mike talks about the weather and jerking off to the Big Bang theory. And JT brings in a guest to his studio Dear Ginny. If your depressed and ready to commit suicide then maybe you shouldn’t listen to this podcast.

Episode 72 – Wooly Bully Live

Technical Dumbness
Air Date: 10/17/2017
Episode: 72
Duration: 123:09
Size: 119MB

Summary: Holocaust returns with a special live rendition of Wooly Bully by our favorite variety of bread, Mr. Moldy! Andy had a scare with his old man and a very special surprise as well, a veritable feast for the eyes! Janella joins us a little late as she finishes up work and has a slight problem with compensation. We are joined by Brian who remains tame for the majority of the show. We then get a call from our favorite Jazz fan Mr JizzMasterZero as he congratulates jvoit on his new employment, things go well until Brian decides to bring up politics and everything falls apart in the last 15 minutes, thanks for listening!

Episode 62 – 4 Lesbians Walk Into Satan’s Bar

What Is This
Episode: 62
Air Date: 10/13/17
Size: 121mb

* synopsis coming soon


Episode 20 – Friday The 13th

The Gonzo Shitcock Show
Episode: 20
Air Date: 10/13/17
Duration: 129:14
Size: 125mb

Summary: iTunes restrictions force Gonzo to shorten the show title and things start late due to some Uber drama. Serial Killer Jack is back from Las Vegas and he graciously offers a vintage piece of muderabilia to Gonzo. Wush and Jack clear the air over Monotone Matt’s future at Podtrash. Ass Napkin Ed angrily voices his opinion. Napkin’s breasts, homophobia and political views are discussed. Ed hangs up just to call right back. Crazy Southener calls in doing odd impressions of Alex Jones, Jon Lester and Napkin’s Lover. High Pitch Erik’s upcoming surgery is discussed. Serial Killer Jack requests Erik’s ashes if he doesn’t pull through. Gonzo exits early for Octoberfest and hands the reigns over to Jack and Monotone to close the show out. Serial Killer Jack’s twin brother calls in and airs some dirty laundry; including a deceased, coked-out prostitute.

Technical Dumbness

Technical Dumbness
Air Date: 10/12/2017
Episode: 00
Duration: 110:21
Size: 106MB

Summary: Jdummy and Jvoit take to the air to shoot the shit. A very special tough piece of beef gives us a call as we kick the tires and light the fires.

Episode 71 – Welcome Back Goofballs

Technical Holocaust
Air Date: 10/11/2017
Episode: 71
Duration: 126:08
Size: 121MB

Summary: Holocaust returns with new full time cohost Janella, we shoot the breeze and kick the trees. Andy has a new audio byte for us and we enjoy it greatly. We then all talk about our past and current relationships, also jvoit has some good news for what’s going to happen with work and his personal life.

Thanks for listening.

Episode 06 – Exhibit F

The Monotone Matt Experiment
Episode: 06
Air Date: 10/12/17
Size: 118mb

Summary: Matt takes your calls live from his studio. Studio apartment. Tune in next week and Matt will have some new equipment and possibly do a real experiment of the mind.

Episode 21 – Stuttering Jon

Neil Thomas
Air Date: 10/12/2017
Episode: 21
Duration: 53:44
Size: 77MB


Summary: California is burnin to the ground and JTMG calls in to tell us about when his childhood home was struck by lighting. All the drama at podtrash is put aside as we get an amazing call from Stuttering John Melendez. John calls in to tell us about his senate race, and introduces us to the “next senator from the great state of california!” We talk about hypocrisy in Washington and Johns suggestions for fixing America. Honesty, compassion and surprisingly eloquent only begin to describe this long form deep interview with John. Is the only man who had the balls to call Howard Stern out to his face ready to unseat Diane Feinstein? We think so! Go to https://www.johnmelendezforsenate.com to learn more.

Episode 36 – We Are 88 Percent Oppressed

Pork Chop Express
Episode: 36
Air Date: 10/09/17
Duration: 271:46
Size: 261mb

Summary: Max & Ted invite you to hop on board “the express”, the fastest 2 hours on Podtrash.com. The boys take your calls and talk a variety of hot button issues with zero regards to snowflakes, feelings or mainstream media spin.

*Columbus day is going away.
*Pedophiles in Hollywood.
*American Horror Story episodes 3 & 4.
*Max has to protect his property when a stranger drives into his neighborhood.
*Free speech in 2017.
*The racist song of the week.
*Pirate radio is alive and well.
*DNA & me.
*Frankie MacDonald does his weather report and he’s doing great so far.
*Crazy Southerner calls in to talk being on a college campus as a conservative and racist Duck Tales.
*BillyBob loves planning and talks the future of the US EH Team.
*WushBossMan calls in to confirm what the chat has been saying, we have some technical issues tonight.
*JDummy hangs the second half of the show and talks Trump tax cuts, JOOOOOZ and his Podtrash promotion.

Pork Chop Express
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